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 I am a storyteller at heart. I work with a variety of materials and stylistic conventions, but however ‘realistic” or “stylized” the images are, to me they are all of one thread. They are the visible tracks of the workings of my mind.


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Fine Art Prints

Most of the images shown on this site are available as archival, high-resolution prints on paper, in a range of size formats. The sizes available for any image depend on the size and shape of the original, and pricing is based on size, type of paper, and density of the ink matrix needed. I offer standard prints on buffered paper, and deluxe prints on cotton rag paper. Both are archival. Both use pigment-based inks, and are guaranteed not to fade, if handled properly. All images are printed to order, and are produced in open editions. I do all of the scanning, color adjustment, and printing myself, in order to get the best possible representation of the original. All prints have a white border, and are individually signed.
Standard prints:
8.5” x 11” $30.00 
11.7” x 16.5” $45.00 
13” x 19” $60.00 
Deluxe prints: 8.5” x 11” $70.00
 13” x 19” $100.00
 17” x 22” $200.00
 Contact me for availability and shipping cost, and to place orders.

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Musings about Art



My Portals

“My Portal” 2023 I am fascinated by portals, doorways between differing realities. Portals appear in many forms: windows, mirrors, paintings, books, imaginings, desires. I have

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  I have always envied birds their ability to fly. At some point, I began to wonder if, perhaps, the birds in turn envy us

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Shadow Man

The Shadow Man

“The String Man and the Shadow Man Converse” 2020 The “Shadow Man” made his first appearance as a character in two colláge/drawings from a series

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