“My Portal” 2023

I am fascinated by portals, doorways between differing realities. Portals appear in many forms: windows, mirrors, paintings, books, imaginings, desires.

I have always been fascinated by gorillas. Our close cousins, they seem both eerily familiar and impossibly foreign. They are immensely strong, but mostly gentle-natured. I always seek them out at zoos, and I am always both excited to see them and heartbroken to see them captive.

This series of oil paintings and accompanying drawings attempts to offer its gorillas portals to other realities, to ignore or pass through as they choose. This series is still in progress, with several more paintings to come.

These Originals are not yet for sale. Archival, “Fine Art” prints are available by request. Contact me for pricing and availability.
“Too Many Portals”  2023

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