I Love to Draw

Original post October 12, 2018 I love to draw. Trying to bring imagined things into concrete, graphic form is the most mentally exhausting, most ultimately satisfying thing that I do. Although every drawing falls short, still every drawing is a small victory.Art is an effort to communicate ideas. Every work of art is an attempt […]

Who? What? Where?


Stop and Look

  Original post December 12, 2015 “I love your work, but it wouldn’t work in my house.” I hear some version of this almost every time I exhibit. My response has always been, “How is it that your house is not filled with things you love?” Here’s the trick: Stop thinking of art as decoration. […]

En Garde!

  Original post April 6, 2016 My brother Pat and I were kids in the 1950s. It was a time before computers and cell phones, and for my family, even (mostly) for television. We would not have a TV set at our house until I was in high school. I went to Jim Perlinski’s house […]